2014 Summit Brochure

On October 3, 2014 more than 300 behavioral health providers met to participate in the Second Annual Behavioral Health Summit. The focus of this year’s Summit was co-occurring disorders also known as dual diagnosis. The subject of this important and complex illness was chosen in response to a survey distributed at last year’s Summit. Please see the agenda of the day below.

Ray Tamasi of Gosnold and Ron Holmes of NAMI graciously introduced our guests and speakers. The morning program included words of welcome and inspiration from our sponsors. We are fortunate and grateful for the generous support of this special event to:

  • The Cape Cod Five Foundation
  • Cape Cod Healthcare
  • Duffy Health Center
  • Gosnold of Cape Cod
  • The Peter and Elizabeth C. Tower Foundation.

Many provider agencies, professional individuals, local government offices and community members were present. We were pleased that first responders, police and rescue professionals from several Cape Cod and Island communities were in attendance. The Behavioral Health Provider Coalition defines ‘provider’ in a broad sense – “the community IS  the provider” as Mary Munsell, Peer Specialist has said.

In addition to our sponsors, we would like to acknowledge and express gratitude to Elizabeth Lynch, and her Education/Events Committee. Most Coalition members already have full time jobs and the work of the Summit was done in addition to already full schedules. Patricia Kenyon also deserves acknowledgement and thanks as her work is key in providing continuing education credits to Nursing, LICSW and LMHC’s, and physicians.

  • Behavioral Health Provider Coalition Education Committee
  • Elizabeth Lynch, Committee Chair, Cape Cod Healthcare
  • Dan Gray, Vinfen
  • Nora Kent, Therapeutic Mentoring Program, Child and Family Services
  • Dayle Lawrence, Centers for Behavioral Health, Cape Cod Healthcare
  • Don Lonergan, Resource Connection Center, Peer Support
  • Mary Munsell, Peer Advocate, Dance in the Rain
  • Cecilia Phelan-Stiles, Interpreter Services, Cape Cod Healthcare
  • Maureen Piccione, Briarpatch Pediatrics
  • Sarah Stanley, Department of Mental Health
  • Jillian Stockwell, Centers for Behavioral Health, Cape Cod Healthcare

Thank you to all who contributed, even in the smallest of ways. Together we are able to do so much more.

The Behavioral Health Provider Coalition of Cape Cod and the Islands Fund, a project of The Cape Cod Foundation.